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~ You can support these Rare Breed Heavy horses with an adoption ~

We are totally independent…

The Heavy Horse Farm Park relies solely on entrance fees to keep the park running and provide for the rescued Heavy Horses and animals. The park is not charity funded and does not receive grants but is an independent set up. The size of these animals reflects on their cost of up keep which is a major struggle however passionate owners are determined to continue providing for Heavy Horses in need of a home for life.

The family running the park took over in 2003 and rebuilt what was a completely derelict farm. Sadly, it was not only the infrastructure which had become run down. The Heavy Horses and animals had suffered severe neglect and where extremely poorly.                 Some lives where thankfully saved by the family involved who have since continued to rescue Heavy Horses investing a considerable amount of time, effort and money. Many years of hard work has gone into building and progressing the farm. Rescue Heavy Horses are not often handed over but have to be purchased. The ‘Street’ family feel very strongly about conservation and education and wish to continue doing what they are doing for years to come.

The importance of conserving and educating about these magnificent breeds; The Suffolk punch is listed as ‘critical’ on the UK Rare Breeds Survival Trust. In recent time, it was calculated less than 40 breeding mares in the UK. Both Shire & Clydesdale are both at ‘great risk’.

If you would like to support these Horses, you can Adopt a Heavy Horse at the cost of £35:

Choose which Heavy Horse you would like to adopt and you will receive a package in the post which includes an Adoption Certificate, a Heavy Horse information page, a page about your Adopted Heavy Horse and a memento!
To do this online follow the link
A perfect unique gift! You can now purchase GIFT VOUCHERS which make a fantastic treat for a special occasion.
Email dorsetheavyhorse@aol.co.uk
If you give would like to give something back, you can also make a donation.

 ~We are most grateful for your support, we once relied on the Heavy Horse we must look after the ones which still remain!~

Adopt a Heavy Horse

Iona – Percheron

Viscount – Shire Stallion

Adam – Shire Gelding

Buddy – Clydesdale Gelding

Wersel – Heavy Cob Gelding

Fred – Suffolk Punch Cross Gelding

Sultan – Percheron Gelding

Luke – Shire Gelding

Fran – Percheron Mare

Poppy – Shire Mare

Joey – Gypsy Cob Gelding

Lightning – Gypsy Cob Gelding