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From Heavy Horses to Heavy Haulage

Explore our collection of vintage vehicles and discover the power of the working horse and the changeswhich took place! 
 1929 Chain Driven Scammell  We are very excited to now home such a rare vehicle being one
of the last tankers from its age left in the world!  ‘Sir Winston’ 1951 Scammell Explorer built by Scammell of Watford. Originally began its lifein the military as a heavy recovery vehicle fitted with 15ton winch and 4ton crane. The extrapower and speed combined with sixwheel drive resulted in one of the most capable crosscountry vehicles ever made. Originally it was fitted with a 10.3ltr Meadows petrol enginehowever when its military days came to an end it was replaced with a slightly more economicalLayland 680 power plus diesel engine which still remains. ‘Sir Ted’ 1967 Scammell Highwayman powered by a 180 Gardener engine. Sir Ted wasoriginally built for Esso fuel company, after many loyal years of service the vehicle was sold onto S.Harrisons & Sons hauling good old British Steel.  1936 Brayshaw Living Wagon During the winter this Showman’s has undergone restoration.The Living wagon had an extension put on during recent years this was taken off in order forthe wagon to resemble its original form. A second door has been put in as it would haveoriginally had, full timber kitchen constructed, window frames, belly boxes and full paint workexterior and interior.  1927 Showman’s Living Wagon  Built by Savages of KingLyn famous for building fairgroundgallopers and up market living wagons. These were once horse powered! It was no surprise thatthey were known as ‘horse killers’ weighing over 8 ton. 
 We home two newly constructed Shepherds huts A Collection of Romany Vardo’s including Bow tops, Open lot and carts. 
~Learn all about the Romany culture, horses, and wagons during our daily 1pm talk~
Visit Exhibits from days gone by…
 Visit the ‘Blacksmiths Workshop’ & ‘Harness Makers’ and discover pillarsof the community NEW ‘Static Canal Display, an insight to the Horses that worked on water  Farmers implements  Vintage tractors 
 Grains Hill Colliery  Home to our pit ponies

Meet Iona our french percheron who featured on the BBC series ‘War time farm’.

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